The treasury solution manages a number of forex and financial risks. Integration with leading Financial Service Providers (FSPs) delivers access to real time rates, forex hedging instruments as well as payment guarantee management. The product encompasses a wide range of services and delivery, including:

Automated Real Time Treasury
Automated accumulation of treasury exposures, providing the ability to manage positions and hedge accordingly. Management of Foreign Exchange Contracts (FECs) with functionality for individual, bulking, netting and offsetting of Customer Foreign Currency (CFC) accounts.

Risk management
providing foreign exchange risk management, visibility, and reporting enabling better informed decision making

Amendments / Cancellations
Changes &/or cancellations of orders are identified timeously. The system enables management of all forward cover FECs and positions including date changes, extensions, roll-overs, surrenders, etc.

Forecasting & Reporting
Accurate Forecasting assists to determine the value of FECs required per currency per month. Various reports are available including: Mark to Market reports, Cash Flow and Profit & Loss reports. This will determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the hedging strategy.

Cost Efficiency
Our system is locally hosted and accessible over the web, saving your organisational IT Infrastructure and Resource costs. We take pride in our constant up-time service and full technology support & management by our specialist team.